willy wonka meme

Who doesn’t know about Willy Wonka?  The meme consists of a screen capture of actor Gene Wilder in the 1971 musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. As its name suggests, the captions can be characterized as patronizing and sarcastic. It was a funny face of the actor in the drama Chocolate Factory when he was asking children if they were excited about a new chocolate and that face was captured forever by Meme lovers. Since then it was associated with a wide variety of tags.

Creepy Wonka Meme

This kind of the meme is quite sadistic and mean. In this part, the meme easily takes on a certain group of people in a good way. For example, a bunch of Engineers are well known to have been wasting their career and it’s then when the meme says, ” Oh you are an Engineer?” ” Please tell me how to waste my time”. Isn’t that hilarious?

Funny Meme

People are born to say weird and funny things. Memes just help them out. Joking about situations in life and feeling good about it to lighten the mood is nothing creepy rather a feel good at the moment.

Tell me Again Meme

Willy Wonka memes common line is also Tell Me About stuff. People do go through tough situations in life and many times you are yourself going through such times yet few people act like they are dealing worse. That’s when you wana say them that it isn’t worth a bit in front of you and how will you say that? Well, a Willy Wonka meme titled as Tell Me Again! Suppose someone says you it’s too cold whereas you stayin cooler region share the Meme ” Tell me Again.. How does living in winter means”

Tell me More

This meme became an internet hit and also got spread on Reddit. It is pretty sarcastic. Like the captions read, ” Oh do you have a goat? That is so cute but do you know that men too comes with beards?” It also comes up with dealing life situations in a hilarious way like ” Oh you are a victim huh? Of what? Your own victim and stupidity?”

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